Ravel Boutique



Hey babes!

Thanks for stopping into Ravel Boutique! I am so excited for you to find outfits that will make you feel more confident everyday no matter what the occasion may be. 

Here is a little bit about me, don't worry, I will keep it brief so you can return to shopping your little heart out.

My name is Cheyanne Laizure and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Still living here and loving it. I have worked in fashion and styling for about three years now and I have fallen in love. It really has become my passion to empower women through how they dress. I mean can we all agree that when we have a killer outfit on we feel like we can conquer the world? That is the vision for Ravel, creating a safe place for women to feel confident and classy in their own skin. 

Feel free to Email me anytime with questions, comments, or any styling advice! Enjoy your shopping babes!